Nothing opens up a space quite like a wall mural of a tree. Whether it is a forest wrapped in a blanket of snow, or a weeping willow knighted by a sword of sunlight, there is a sense Read moreof awe and reverence that envelops a tree. Invite nature’s caretaker into your home with a wallpaper that captures the essence of its simplistic beauty. Invite the giver of breath, the home of the birds and the maker of light into your midst so that maybe you too can embrace the power of generosity.

Feel the freshness with Trees wall murals

Plant and floral decoration is in fashion. These have become an important essence in the interior of many homes and establishments. Trees and plants have always been and important ornamental element in homes, commercial premises or in offices. Feel and experience winter, spring, summer, and fall with these amazing wall murals from Photowall. Trees with bright colors can be used as focal points and can draw attention with whatever season. The wall murals can add splashes and dashes of color to a monotone setting. For instance, we think that plants and trees are purely green. But the reality is that there are many shades of green inexistence. The leaves can vary from deep green to olive green. With the addition of a few decorative items, they can add interest in a more vivid ways. Trees wall murals add to the overall design and help create the overall look and feed of the space. For instance, palm trees add a tropical feel to hotels and restaurants. They also add the right touch to a contemporary, minimalist office design.

The good thing about Trees and interior decorating

Trees provide a wealth of health and well - being benefits to those who work, live, and visit the indoor built environment. Throughout the years, experts have proven that trees and plants make us feel better. They have the capability to remove harmful substances from the air. Trees have also been found to reduce the levels of carbon monoxide from indoor air. In addition to these, trees affect the overall sense of well - being. They help to provide feelings of pleasure, calm, and relief from fatigue and create a restorative environment. Visual contact with nature reduces the fatigue associated with intense concentration. They can also improve the productivity which is beneficial in the workplace. Trees wall murals and plants fulfill many needs in the interior design and function of a building. They cost less than expensive artwork, and far less than the construction costs of building new walls of lowering the ceiling. The wall murals contribute so much more, improving our health, lowering our stress, and improving the function of our brain.
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