Maps & Flags

Maps and flags upon the wall evoke a sense of wonder in the armchair traveller. They are a great conversation piece for a home or office. Canvas prints featuring a variety of maps andRead more flags of the world, or detailed renditions of specific places, are a way of capturing holidays of the past or family history. Make future plans come alive or reference world events. Since the start of recorded history, maps and flags have been a way of showcasing our place in the world.

Maps of the Past

Vintage world maps in canvas print show us the history of our earth. Names from the past, and locations which we believed to be accurate, highlighted on the wall to preserve a moment in history. From eras of long and not so long ago, maps of the past offer a window into how we once saw our world.

Maps of the Imaginative

From maps written in colourful lights to those depicting animals of the world, let your imagination roam when you hang a pirate's treasure or paint splash depicted map as a painting. Space maps can take you out of this world, and earth photo maps of Africa and Asia will remind you how big this beautiful planet really is.

Flags of the Nations

Retro flags of the USA, England and more showcase national pride and pay homage to the home country. Take a trip in your mind and wander the streets of your favourite holiday locale. Canvas prints of various sizes can transport you to the place where you come from, or an especially favoured place where you have lived or travelled to. Whether artistic and abstract or striking and accurate, a flag of the nations canvas print is sure to be a hit for guests and co workers alike.

Flags With a Message

Show your pride with a brick rainbow graffiti theme. How about a tribute to British rock music? A Union Jack brick wall design fits well in any British home. Sometimes you just have to let the world know who you are. Try paintings of the famous symbols of the world and tell your story without saying a word!

Amazing Maps & Flags wall murals to your interior

Maps & Flags wall murals come in various designs and colors that will certainly complete the total appearance of your home or space. Colorful wall murals can definitely make any dull and boring walls look vibrant and lively. On the other hand, if you are not into colors that much and just want to make it simple, there are also Maps & Flags wall murals that will evoke formality and seriousness. Whatever wall mural you pick, it will surely make any room look inviting and amazing. Happy decorating!
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