Spirituality & Religion

Spirituality and religion can be a way of expressing one's inner questions about life and the feelings of power and joy when you feel connected to the divine. What better form of dailRead morey remembrance of the things which matter most to you than canvas prints of your favourite religious signs, symbols, and paintings. Enjoy depictions of angels and demons, the peace of Buddha, and the carefree and karmic nature of yin and yang. Your bedroom may be just the space where you enjoy your canvas prints and paintings before retiring to sleep. Perhaps your living room or bathroom is another place where you want a reminder of what you most believe in.


Embrace your spiritual side with a canvas print painting depicting peace, love, and tranquillity. Freedom symbols, and Zen in Black Sand offer a chance to meditate to art and allow your mind to open to all the possibilities in life. The historical gates of Kyoto, or a depiction of abstract OHM may help guide you into mindfulness. View hearts and hands or sayings which move you, and have them for your own. Cirkel Dragons may boost your whimsical spirit, while simple letter prints may lead you to inspiration. A series of the pictures which most speak to you, hanging on your wall, is sure to help you find your way to bliss.


Imagine a canvas print of some of history's greatest masters, paintings on your wall in canvas by Hubert Eyck, Hendrik Balen, Diego Velasquez, Simon Vouet, Paolo Veronese, Gustave Dore, Antoine Le Nain, Sandro Botticelli, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Michelangelo Caravaggio and many more. Christianity is depicted in the painting of The Last Judgement, Crucifixion, Joseph and Mary, and other classic important events in the history of Jesus and prophets of the bible. Statues of Buddha can adorn any space that is your sanctum in canvas print. He has been depicted in painting in soothing red, gold, and other colours to symbolize his sacred journey. You can see Nirvana, Illumination, and many more states which Buddha transcended. Norse mythology is also on display and can be yours in canvas prints such as Blumenengel, Esaias Syn or Feast of the Gods.

The truth about spirituality and religion

What is religion and what is spirituality? At first look, these two have a common subject - matter, but with different approaches. Both actually teach us that there are more to the universe than just us humans. The main difference between religion and spirituality is that religion presents you a set of beliefs, dogmas and “holy men” as intermediaries between you and Spirit. On the other hand, spirituality promotes one’s individual autonomy in defining and connecting to Spirit as it fits the heart and mind. Although both can be relevant with each other. Religion promotes shame and guilt, spirituality promotes self - honesty and awareness. Religion also asks you to sacrifice your present attachments for a promised future. Spirituality asks you to let go of your present attachments for a better present. Though this is complicated topic, the truth is that spirituality and religion have been with us for so long that they have become part of our own existence.
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