In years past, philosophers and poets alike went outdoors to do their thinking. There’s just something about the great wide outdoors that gives wings to the soul, freeing the mind andRead more soothing the senses. Bring that feeling indoors with the Photowall range of nature-inspired canvas prints. For city-dwellers especially, these prints can bring a welcome touch of the outside world into a concrete-bound existence. From tranquil forest scenes to sunsets over water, to sunny green meadows under a clear blue sky, no aspect of nature is out of your reach with these quality canvas prints.

Soothe with forest scenes

Bring serenity into any space with a canvas print of a forest scene. Let your imagination wander worn paths between ancient trees, or let the play of light in the shadowy forested space soothe your senses. Nature’s diversity means that there is no shortage of options when it comes to forest scenes, because every forest and day is unique. The forest is never the same, and yet it never changes, and while every forest has something in common with the others, the variety is vast. Choose a shadowed road leading who-knows-where, shadowed under ancient sentinel trees, or a wild wood where Man might never have stepped. Lose yourself in the green lushness of a forest in summertime, or admire the stark blackness of trees against snow in a winter print.

Say it with flowers

In older times, it was believed that flowers had meanings. Red roses were for love, while lilies were a symbol of purity. Now, flower meanings have long been lost, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t admire their beauty for themselves, or bring them into your home with a flower-themed painting from Photowall’s collection. Brighten up any room with flowers, or spice up a dull guest room with a colourful bouquet. A red rose, that most classic of flowers, will add a hint of elegance to any room, while a print of lilies might be ideal for a quiet corner. Whether the statement you want to make is bold or demure, or whether you want a garden or a single blossom, you can say it all with flowers.

Up in the air

People don’t look up often enough. The sky, many seem to feel, has always been there and always will, and never changes. How wrong they are! Nothing gives quite the same feeling of freedom as looking up into a clear blue sky, and nothing in the world can capture the bittersweet beauty of a sunrise or a sunset. Bring that freedom and beauty into your home with a canvas print from Photowall. Appropriate for any space, a print of the open sky will make small rooms feel larger, while making large plain rooms more interesting. Or use a print of the night sky and amuse yourself by seeing if you can spot the constellations.

Under the sea

There is nothing quite like mankind’s fascination with the ocean. There’s something about that thunderous noise you can feel in your bones, the endless dance of the waves, that draws people to it almost irresistibly. It speaks of the freedom, of the mysterious world under the sea, where everything is silent and lit blue with the water’s light, and of the feeling of sand between your toes and the freedom to dream big. Hang a beach in your bedroom for a relaxing atmosphere, or bring undersea paintings into a hallway to transform it to a mysterious underwater grotto. While ocean views may not suit every room or taste, they do very well in many rooms – adding space to a small room, bringing a calming influence to a bustling office atmosphere. Or you can bring a cool calm air to a quiet room with a canvas print of a still lake under the blue sky, to free your mind and enrich your senses.

Bring nature into every room

With a canvas print from Photowall’s nature selection, you can turn every room into a sanctuary. Bring colour into your kitchen with a bright sunflower print, or turn a bedroom into a soothing space with a forest-themed painting. Take yourself off to Ariel’s home under the sea with something from the underwater selection, or off into space with a picture of the Earth. Add a touch of elegance to a dining room with something in black and white or sepia – you can never go too far wrong with black and white photographs. There is also a wide variety of painting-style prints available, from Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night to classic Japanese-style paintings of women among flowers. With canvas prints from Photowall’s nature selection, no place in the world is out of your reach.
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