Science Fiction

If you like literature whose content is imaginative, but based on actual facts, science fiction, or "sci-fi," might just be your thing. This can also become the focal point of your inRead moreterior decoration! This genre relies heavily on scientific facts, theories and principles as support for its characters, settings, themes and plot-lines, which is what differentiates it from fantasy. You can use science fiction canvas prints by Photowall to embellish your home, office or recreational space, while at the same time showcasing a side of your personality and character. This will give your room that crucial personal touch that is paramount when it comes to establishing visual weight and interest. Science fiction canvas prints can look great practically everywhere, whether it is the living room in your residence or the board room in the office. With our wide palette of options when it comes to motifs, you are guaranteed to find the right fit for your interior design.


Although examples of science fiction can be found as far back as the Middle Ages, its presence in literature was not particularly significant until the late 1800s. True popularity for both writers and audiences came with the rise of technology, with developments such as industrial growth, electricity, medical advances and space exploration in particular. Logically, as science and technology progress, so does the genre of science fiction. You can also see this progression in some of our science fiction canvas prints. Furthermore, there are actually two types of sci-fi, hard science fiction and soft science fiction. Hard science fiction strictly follows scientific facts and principles, focusing on natural sciences like physics, astronomy, chemistry, astrophysics, and so on. Soft science fiction is characterized more by a focus on social sciences like anthropology, sociology, psychology and politics. In other words, soft science fiction tends towards sciences involving human behavior. One must keep in mind, however, that most works use a combination of both hard and soft science fiction. Check out our array of science fiction canvas prints and see what works for you.

Impact of science fiction canvas prints

Many times, science fiction turns real scientific theories into full stories about what is possible or imaginable. These stories then can suggest what could really happen in the future, explore what could happen if certain events came to be and ultimately suggest consequences of technological and scientific advancements and innovation. In the past 150 years, science fiction has become a huge and popular genre, with a particularly large presence in film and television. "Elixir" is wonderful science fiction canvas print that illustrates these points. This motif not only looks good and generates visual weight, it also presents to us what the future might hold for mankind. Manifest this power by using science fiction canvas prints in your home or office.

Healthy dose of variety

Photowall always places high value in having variety within their categories. The same goes for science fiction canvas prints where you will find smaller groups which are namely Aliens, Robots And Cyborgs and Ufos & Spaceships. Each of these sections has their specific charm and assorted lineup. In Aliens you will find charming pieces such as the science fiction canvas print named "Robot vs Alien mono", a delightfully quirky scene which does not have to be limited to kids' spaces, but can also works its magic in adult rooms like the living room or perhaps even the break room at the office. Ufos & Spaceships provides you with incredible scenarios like in "UFO Fantasy", a science fiction canvas print depicting a hitchhiker who encounters a ride from another world. Teenagers might also be into this sort of motif, as it looks cool and certainly has that otherworldly quality.
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