Astronomy & Space

Without a doubt, the awe-inspiring sight of the night sky is one of the most marvelous views to behold. Whether it is a nightscape over a city or a detailed image of the final frontieRead morer in all its heavenly glory, our selection of astronomy and space canvas prints will make a stunning addition to the interior design of any room in your home. Sit back and admire the wonders of the universe from the comfort of your own home while enjoying some of the best rendered images from the earth’s top photographers and artists.

What Can an Astronomy-Themed Canvas Print Do for a Room?

When adding any sort of print to your home's decor, one of the key goals is to add interest. With an astronomy-inspired painting, not only do you get a stunning picture in its own right but also an image that evokes a sense of space and of wonder. Since pre-historic times, humans have been captivated by the study of the stars and their patterns. It is an act that all of us can relate to – even if we have never looked through a telescope. In many urban environments, light pollution makes stargazing impractical. But with an astronomy canvas print you can bring the heavens into your home to view in comfort and warmth – not to mention any time you like! Images of near space, outer space and the Hubble telescope are all available to choose from, whether you want to evoke the sense of calm you get from space or perhaps something altogether more dynamic, such as the colorful galaxies that shine brightly from billions of miles away. Whatever color scheme you are looking to coordinate with, there will be an astronomy image that suits your taste. Many of our popular choices include views of the Earth as seen from space with deep blues, as well as abundant crimsons and burnt reds, especially if you opt for sun images. You can also choose from abstract depictions of the solar system in an array of colors or go for something more realistic – the choice is yours.

Canvas Prints Inspired by Space Exploration

Contemplating the night sky from earth or looking down on our planet from orbiting telescopes are nice, but what about the sheer drama of space exploration as a theme for your canvas print? Our wall art offers so much to choose from. For example, our space shuttle paintings, which depict blasting vehicles rocketing into space, bring a very different kind of energy compared to the more introspective image of lunar vehicles looking back at the Earth from the moon. There are many choices for children's rooms; these feature stylized space explorers and rockets in complementary tones. There are also images that were actually captured in space by the pioneers of space exploration. From astronauts in the middle of space walks – glimpsed against a dramatic backdrop of the Earth below – to fond visual tributes to the heyday of lunar space exploration with the Apollo missions, there is something for every room and every decorating style.

Starscapes and Wonder

Twinkle, twinkle little star... Who hasn’t wondered just what our stars truly represent? Capture that spirit of fascination by opting for a starscape canvas print that could depict anything from the arresting Milky Way in all its glory to the Andromeda galaxy shining with a distant beauty. Here again, maybe you will be more inspired by a nirvana-themed star canvas that encourages mindfulness and a deep sense of inner peace as you contemplate the heavens. For many, the power of the stars lies in the effect they have on our daily lives, which is highlighted in our astrology-inspired paintings. These canvases, which are perfect for adding a personal touch to any room's layout, cover all the signs of the Zodiac, from Aquarius to Capricorn, and each is shown on a map of the stars with an image of the corresponding sign.

UFOs and Space Fantasy

We must never forget that space is the realm of the imagination. Our selection of images truly reflects this, so whether you are seeking a classic flying saucer picture with a vintage sepia look or something more modern, we will have something suitably inspiring. How about considering one of our “Star Wars”-inspired collages, for instance? These are great for themed rooms and playrooms, plus they make great additions to home theaters. From canvas prints featuring iconic designs like the Millennium Falcon to those focused on the legendary bounty hunters of the hugely successful film franchise, there is something for everyone.
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