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The moon is our planet’s faithful companion, circling around the Earth in a steady orbit that never escapes our attention. Our selection of moon-themed canvas prints offers a stunningRead more range of different views. A painting is just the thing to immortalize special lunar moments, such as the slow descent of a silvery disk into a churning sea or the chink of a new moon peeking through wispy clouds.

A glinting muse for poets through the ages

Classic paintings and poetry depict the moon as a goddess. She is quieter and more approachable than the fiery sun god Apollo, yet full of mystery and grace. Part of her charm lies in the changing shadows that sometimes hide her countenance from our eyes. She passes through her phases week by week, transitioning from full moon to crescent moon and every stage in between. In some paintings, wolves and wild dogs howl at the moon – perhaps devastated by her constant disappearance. We also have canvas prints that depict the moon's special place in an astrologer's map of the night sky. Others reflect the moon's mysterious influence on the ocean tides. But the moon does not care what we think; she is never one to stay the same for long, which is why a canvas print is such a source of joy in a modern house. You can gaze upon her solitary beauty and ponder the vast infinity of space and the role of humans on our blue planet guarded by its tiny moon.

Footprints on the moon

When the first astronauts landed on the moon’s surface and left their footprints in its dust, everyone back on earth had to catch their breath and wrap their minds around the astounding achievements of modern science. Musicians, artists and photographers have been inspired by these adventures beyond our atmosphere, celebrating the courage it takes to journey to the dark side and back and see sights never before seen by human eyes. A canvas print with a moon image will inspire young and old alike to learn more about the secrets of outer space. After all, scientific progress requires curious minds and brave hearts that are not afraid to push the boundaries of our present knowledge. A painting that captures the wonderment of the moon can certainly spark these feelings and encourage us to greet each new night with a sense of awe – and a deep appreciation for the comfortable home we have made for ourselves here on Earth.
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