Landscapes are an eminently useful type of decorating feature. They can make a small room seem larger, expanding the space simply by existing. They can brighten up a too-clinical spacRead moree, which makes them ideal for offices, and decorate while still being essentially neutral, which makes them ideal for hotels. The right landscape in the right place can take a room from merely okay to fantastic in one simple step. Make a change; decorate your home with canvas prints from our Landscapes collection.

Walk a forest road

Bring serenity into any space with a canvas print from our Landscapes collection featuring a forest. Let your imagination take the path less travelled, wandering along the time-worn paths between trees that were old when our race was young. When it comes to forest scenes, there is no end to the diversity – from the cool almost orderly forests of the Northern hemisphere to the rank, rainy jungles of Africa and South America. Each forest evokes different feelings – while a country road through an autumn-yellow forest may be welcoming and homelike, the same country road through a dense, dark green primeval jungle may bring to mind thoughts of going where no man has gone before. Bring the forest home with canvas prints.

Give yourself flowers

Real flowers are as poignant as they are beautiful, a bright but all too temporary example of the world’s beauty. But with canvas prints you can bring an entire field of flowers, stretching all the way to the horizon, into any room in your house. Whether your taste is for a field of poppies, a meadow filled with wildflowers, or the lavender fields of Provence, you can bring those flowers home and keep them forever, just as beautiful as the day the photograph was taken.

The open fields

The sky always seems bigger in an open field, with the grass reaching for the horizon and the smooth ripple of the hills laid out before you. A large field is a great place for thinking; the quiet susurrus of the fields reminds you of the ocean’s waves lapping on the beach, while the nodding of the grass in the wind has a hypnotic quality. While a painting can never truly replicate the sound and smell of an open field of grass, it can certainly show you what it looks like, and an open field will make even the smallest room immediately look larger, brighter, and more lived-in.

Mountains and ruins

Sometimes, you look at images of mountains, or photos taken from the top of them, and you have to take a moment to marvel at the tenacity of human beings, who will climb these stone behemoths for the sake of a picture. It becomes even more impressive when you see a castle on top of a mountain – your mind immediately turns to the amount of work that must have gone into building that tower, or that wall – how many people and how many years did it take to construct it? The castles, like the mountains, seem as though they have been there forever, and will be there forever still, and it’s easy to miss the way that they are constantly changing. Whether it’s just a snow-capped mountain turning green with spring, or whether it’s the slow decay process that turns castles into ruins, the forces of time work on all things, even mountains. Despite their unchanging appearance on a human scale, on a geological scale mountains are incredibly energetic, zipping up and down like toddlers on a sugar high. Incorporate paintings into your décor for a useful meditation on the dangers of judging by appearance alone.


Artists the world over have been inspired, though the years, to try to portray the living landscape in their art. While some are better than others, there is no doubt that landscape painting is an exacting discipline whether you are portraying a forested hillside, a stormy sea, or a mountain stream. Everything has to be just so, because it’s one of the few things that people can actually go and check later – nobody knows what the Mona Lisa really looked like, after all this time, but anyone can go to England and see whether Thomas Smith or Richard Wilson knew what they were on about. Bring an example of this exacting art form into your home with a canvas print from our Landscape collection.
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