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Open Countryside of Sweden - Canvas print - Kitchen




Take yourself back to your school days, when the summer was a long stretch of warm sun on your back and nothing but time. Time to relax, time to dream, time to do the things there wasRead more never time to do in the real world. A time when time stood still. In mythology, summer is often a place, often the home of fairies and magical creatures. In modern times, summer is the time of magic, the time when school is out and you are free to be yourself as much as you can. Take yourself back to the time of summer with canvas prints from our Summer range.

Bring it home

Some people live in cold countries, where the idea of ‘summer’ is ‘I only have to wear one jacket’. For those, the sun-drenched fields and hills of a true summer is like a story once told, a myth, a place and time that couldn’t possibly be real. It’s where anything is possible, and anyone can be anything. Sometimes, in the heart of winter when it seems as though spring will never come, everyone gets that feeling. They think about the sun on their shoulders, the warmth of a swimming pool that has been baking all day, and they dream, and suddenly the winter seems a little less dark, a little less cold. Bring the feeling of summer into your home by incorporating a canvas print into your décor.

A light in the dark

A canvas print or painting with a summery theme is ideal to bring a little life into a room that can seem dull. With the bright colors of summer – the jewel-tones of flowers, the new-leaf green of fresh grass, and the wide-open sky, even the smallest, darkest room will seem brighter and more alive. Whether you prefer a field of lavender, or a vast green field baking in the summer sun, a summer-themed canvas print will bring cheer and brightness into any room you choose. Banish dull, dreary days from your existence and brighten up your life with paintings from our Summer range.
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