It’s tricky to take a space that’s usually little more than a coatroom and cupboard combined and turn it into an eye-catching and welcoming space. The key is usually good storage and Read moreplenty of space, but sometimes you can also accomplish a lot by changing very little. Here are some small tips for big changes – everything from canvas prints and hooks to rugs and DIY tips.

Put up canvas prints to get a whole new look

Your hall may have limited space, but there is often a wall where you can hang a couple prints. Prints are also a way to substantially change a room that otherwise has few opportunities for real change. If you have a large expanse of wall, you could put up a picture rail for your favorite motifs, and if you have an even larger hall you could go for a gallery wall layout. Start from the space available—what do you have room for, and do you want one large canvas print that fills the wall or several small motifs? When you start thinking about what prints you want, remember that the hall is the first thing you’ll see when you get home, and the first impression your guests will have. So the prints you choose should set the tone for the rest of your home. But start with what you like and the motifs you want greeting you after a long day at work.

Decorating with canvas prints

There are some general tips when selecting prints for your hall. Halls are usually painted white, which means that there’s nothing to stop you from choosing some really eye-catching motifs. It could be a burst of color or a canvas print of a special person or a city. You can also mix patterns and frames, but it’s worth keeping a common thread in the range of colors you pick. If you go for a gallery wall arrangement, make sure it doesn't feel too cluttered. You may have just cleaned when you’re hanging the prints, but usually there are jackets in various colors hanging there along with a mix of shoes on the shoe rack.

Small things, big changes

Updating the coat hooks and replacing the hall runner are small yet simple ways of making a big difference. Bear in mind that any rug should be durable since it will have to take a lot of wear from people’s shoes. Choosing hooks in strong colors can be even more impactful. You could also put up a new shoe rack, or even a shoe hanging rack made from metal piping and butcher’s hooks. Updating the ceiling lights and occasional lamps may feel like a quick fix, but makes a bigger difference than you think.

Canvas for Hallway designs for you

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