Photowall's lineup of checkered wall murals is not only easy on the eyes, but also very diverse and inclusive. You will find among the motifs unique designs that are also present in sRead moreome other categories, creating a wonderful visual collaboration between different tiers. Your home, office or even recreational space will benefit from having checkered wall murals as these images can create a great energy and redirect the flow where you want it to. The varying colour combinations of this cluster can aid you in beautifying the walls as well. The versatility of checkered wall murals allows you to go subtle, but also bold if that is more your inclination. As per usual with Photowall, you can modify these checkered wall murals to match, or contrast, with your existing interior design, colour schemes and any other decorative elements that might come into play.

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It is hard to believe that anyone could possibly be unfamiliar with the checkered patterns. It is commonly referred to as the "checks", named after the black and white graphic that resembles a checkerboard. The images in checkered wall murals also somehow reflect this, but not in such a plain and basic fashion. This particular category is way more flexible and crosses over into many other tiers as you will see in the following paragraphs. In recent times, checkered has also gained a foothold on the so-called hipster scene, who rather ironically clothe themselves often in checkered fashions. This does not mean that checkered wall murals are hipster, but they will certainly create dynamism and conversation among the people who view them in your space. The good thing about this is that checkered wall murals can fit in anywhere, whether this is the foyer in your residence or the break room at the office. As already mentioned, these motifs by Photowall are very adjustable.

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If you can guess or are aware of the approximate size of an object, you can also tell roughly how far away it is based on how big it looks to you. This is called size familiarity, which is also significant when using checkered wall murals that feature 3D images as they can dictate the contrast you establish with the distances between your interior design ornamentations, coordinating unequal proportions to generate a unifying perspective. You can see this in the checkered wall mural named "Deep Tetris", for example. Accommodation refers to your visual focus on a close or distant object, whereby the lenses in your eyes physically change shape, establishing as to how far away the object is from yourself. Lastly, parallax is when you move your head from side to side, closer objects appear to move more rapidly or strongly than distant ones. The 3D-centric checkered wall murals in our arsenal match all these criteria and visual factors, making decorating your space a fascinating trip into the three-dimensional world by utilising these rare and gorgeous motifs we have for you.

Mosaics in checkered wall murals

A mosaic is essentially an artistic technique that uses tiny parts to create a whole image or object. Mosaics are usually assembled using small tiles that are made of glass, stone or other materials. While typically these tiles are square, they can also be round or randomly shaped as you can see in the following images in checkered wall murals. Checkered wall murals featuring mosaics are ideal in the sense that they create the illusion of space, as well as the illusion of texture. Subtle, yet effective décor, as you can see in the set of "Miami Mosaic".
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