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Among the many canvas prints and paintings available from Photowall are our wonderful dinosaur-inspired designs. Each delivers something unique to provide a much-needed dash of color Read moreanywhere you choose to hang it. They are ideal for a wide range of rooms because they complement all sorts of interior décor styles. Plus, you can mix and match them in various combinations to create unexpected prehistoric wall effects. Our stylized images, many of which depict dinosaurs of the Jurassic Period from about 200 million years ago, will liven up any home.

Funky dinosaur canvas prints

Many of our canvas print designs contain a riot of colors. These are perfect for sparking children’s imaginations with fearsome creatures often depicted in green with reds, blues and yellows in the mix. In addition, many prints contain dramatic landscapes where the dinosaurs roam – sometimes with volcanoes erupting in the background or streams rushing in the foreground. Older children will enjoy the realistic depictions of dinosaur species such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Stegosaurus. These tremendous beasts are rendered in masterful paintings that almost bring them to life! We have it all, from the devilish deep sea creatures of ancient times to flying terrasaurs swooping down on their prey.

Dinosaur paintings for younger children

Although many of our canvas prints are great for adult settings, plenty of them are designed with younger children in mind. For example, our “Dinosaur World Map” is offered in two color schemes that will enliven any child's wall with a fun design that is equally educational and decorative. Kids can use it to learn about the different kinds of dinosaurs and gain a bit of knowledge about our planet and its current geography. Younger children and toddlers will love our “Dinoland” designs, which are also available in a choice of colors. Their cute, cartoon-like esthetic features friendly, smiling dinosaurs in a visually coherent setting.

Dino prints for grown-ups

We have something for everyone at Photowall, so you will also find dinosaur canvas prints that are less child-oriented. Check out our “Dinosaur Morning” print or “Sleeping Dinosaur in Mati”, both of which create tropical paradises in vibrant colors that will appeal to all ages.
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