Science Fiction

Science-fiction cinema owes quite a lot of their origin to incredibly imaginative writers such as Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. These stories are usually visionary and comic-strip-likRead moree, visualized through fancy and otherworldly settings, with heroes, distant planets, impossible quests and futuristic technology. You will find all these components in science fiction posters by Photowall, an utterly brilliant selection of high quality motifs that are rich in detail, unique in design and vibrant with colours. These items, just like the film genre, play on the ideas of knowledge sometimes being dangerous and even sinister, but also vital issues about the nature of man and our place in the whole grand scheme of things. In science fiction posters you will find strange and extraordinary creatures, visions of what people the future might look like, the impact of technology on our world, and subsequently its potential to be humanity's downfall. A lot of philosophical and existential concepts go into this particular type of movie, leading to amazing designs by creative minds which we can see in science fiction posters.

The versatility of science fiction posters

Photowall always places importance on variety, especially when it comes to designing your personal space. With science fiction posters, you can embellish and revamp your rooms, no matter if they are residential, corporate or recreational in nature. Just like the genre itself, these motifs are based on science fiction, but often overlap with other genres of films, making them flexible and an ideal tool for interior design. Science fiction films can be predominantly described as a subtype of fantasy films, but can easily traverse into horror, particularly when technology or perhaps alien life forms become a threat. Action and adventure is also an often collaborator of science fiction, as well as comedy, romance and even westerns. You will see in our wide array of science fiction posters that there is something for practically everyone. There are real life photographs like Saturn 3 - Kirk Douglas that will make you feel as if you are there right on the scene. Science fiction posters also has works of art such Day of the Triffids, which give the room tremendous visual weight and optic appeal.

The golden age

While some science fiction films just do not age that well, mainly because technology has exceeded the past expectations or the ideals simply ran their course, there are classics that stand the test of time and still resonate with us today in modern times. Directed by sci-fi pioneer Ridley Scott, Alien is one of those timeless masterpieces of the genre. It follows the crew of a commercial space ship, who encounter Alien, a deadly creature that leaves a trail of death and destruction in its wake. Even though the film’s now legendary claustrophobic atmosphere was inspired by classic science fiction stories, it was not until Star Wars showed that spectacular sci-fi could bring in the big bucks that Alien got its funding. Science fiction posters like Alien - Sigourney Weaver are a great visual tool for your interiors, showcasing the protagonist in her fierce mode, a groundbreaking portrayal and proof that women could lead the line in science fiction films. Another great example is Blade Runner, which is someone who tracks down replicants, who are unnatural, bioengineered beings and eliminates them. The film’s iconic, technology infused film-noir look has been riffed off ever since, such was the impact of this flick. Blade Runner is a wonderful science fiction poster of this masterpiece.

Other ideas in science fiction posters

An overwhelmingly present narrative in science fiction films is that world-ending threats are overcome by the typical, or atypical, protagonists. Just like in other genres, high stakes often reward storytellers with heavily invested and engaged audiences. However, science fiction also is home to other types of stories that do not involve saving the world, but rather focus on more philosophical or emotional explorations. This type of science fiction poster will give your decoration a whole new meaning and dimension. One of the highest-grossing films of the 80s, Steven Spielberg’s E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial is a concrete example of this. An alien botanist is left behind on earth where he is discovered by a boy and named “E.T.”. This creature befriends the children as they attempt to help him contact his people in order for him to return home. The universal themes of family, friendship and the power of having a place called home are timeless in themselves, and this sci-fi gem brought it in spades. Extra Terrestrial - Henry Thomas is a science fiction poster that shows one of the film's most iconic scenes in great fashion.
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