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Blue is not a color picked out of the blue. All around the world, blue is most people’s favorite color. Who doesn’t love the clear-blue sky or the shimmering blue ocean? Blue in naturRead moree has numerous positive associations—so why not pick blue for your interior design? Blue rooms are said to have a soothing effect on people. That means you could try styling your bedroom with blue wallpaper if you have trouble falling asleep. Throw in some green plants to make your bedroom even more soothing. They will harmonize splendidly with the blue wallpaper.

Blue is easy to combine with other colors

Not only does blue look nice as the primary color in a room, it also works well when combined with many other secondary colors. Think of it this way: you’re unlikely to replace your wallpaper often. It’s easier to replace other decor. Blue wallpaper is a smart move if you’re the type who likes variety and change, but still prefers a little color on your walls. Nor do you need to overcomplicate things to give your room a facelift. Just think how much you can change the feel of a bedroom simply by changing the bedspread. Pull out all the stops and create a powerful impression with orange styling details to go along with your blue wallpaper, or give the room a harmonious feel by adding green houseplants and lots of white details to go with the blue wallpaper. You’re sure to have any number of ideas for how to match blue wallpaper with something that looks good.

Blue watercolor or ink blots as wallpaper

It’s hard to miss the recent trend for watercolor or ink blot wallpaper. It’s one of the strongest and most powerful wallpaper trends in recent years, and it doesn’t appear to be going away. Such patterns are both challenging and elegant. This is not an old trend making a comeback—this is something completely new and modern leaving its mark. Thirty years from now it will probably be seen as the classic of our times. You should take an extra look at these blue wallpapers if you are after a modern look.

Blue wallpaper + wood floor = a match made in heaven

There’s no better match than blue walls with a pale wood floor. It’s a gorgeous and timeless combo. You should definitely consider blue wallpaper if you have a beautiful wood floor and want to accentuate the mood of the room. If you don't want the walls to be too dominant, go for patterned wallpaper with touches of whites or another brighter tone.

Fun facts about the color blue

You will have come across Bluetooth in your electronics. It’s a strange name for wireless transfer between electronic devices, isn’t it? Actually, it was originally the working name when Bluetooth was in development—a name that stuck. It was inspired by the king of Denmark, Harald Bluetooth, who united much of Scandinavia between 950 and 986. But why on earth would anyone be called Bluetooth in the first place? Back then, the word blue was also used to describe black in the Scandinavian languages. So Harald Blacktooth would have made more sense, given the word's current usage. The word blue in its current meaning made its way to Scandinavia from France, via England, in the thirteenth century.

Historically a highly exclusive and expensive color

Blue was anything but a common color in the old days. The color blue was initially produced by crushing a mineral called Lapis Lazuli. It was so rare that it cost as much as gold. It was not until the late nineteenth century that we started producing synthetic blue colors, making them affordable. Now you know a little more about the color blue.

Wide range

Naturally we have a wide range of blue wallpaper. Take some time and look through our motifs. We’re confident you’ll find something to enjoy for many years to come.
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