Yellow wallpaper

Yellow decor can be strong, soft, or drab, and can be combined with more base colors than many people realize. Yellow walls with the right combination of decor is gorgeous and timelesRead mores! Yellow is a color that symbolizes creativity, youthfulness, sunshine and curiosity in Western cultures. Although there are cultural differences in terms of what colors symbolize, it's hard not to see yellow as an invigorating color that makes you happy. Yellow is not one of the standard interior design colors, but why follow the herd? If you’re the kind of person who is not afraid to stand out, perhaps yellow walls are your thing.

A hall with yellow wallpaper gives a great first impression

Yellow is a color that sends positive signals and fills your home with joy from wall to wall. Yellow is a color that reflects a lot of light. The exact amount of light in your room will depend on the shade of yellow you choose. In a room without windows or with only small windows, a strong yellow can make the room feel larger and better lit. It’s fabulous in halls and other small rooms. For example, Bambu-Yellow from Acne JR is a gorgeous wallpaper that will liven up the darkest hall.

Yellow wallpaper in the bedroom

Are you the kind of person who loves it when the morning light fills the bedroom as you wake up? Then a yellow bedroom can give you some extra energy in the morning. Be sure to have some green houseplants in your bedroom to add to the happy vibe. Light yellow wallpaper can be a good fit for your bedroom if it has windows and lets in a lot of light in the mornings. You’ll wake up in a cozy environment that makes you feel refreshed and energized. Just be sure to have proper blackout blinds if you have trouble falling asleep when the room is not completely dark.

Yellow wallpaper in the kitchen

Yellow is traditionally a color that goes well in the kitchen. Take a close look at our yellow tile motifs if you are going to remodel your kitchen. Tiling a kitchen is expensive, difficult and time-consuming. If instead you hang wallpaper with a tile motif, it will give the look of your kitchen a real boost. And if you get tired of it after a couple years, all you have to do is replace it. Check out Tegel-Yellow from Acne JR for your kitchen.

Yellow wallpaper in the living room

Yellow walls go well with several very different colors, making yellow a much more flexible wallpaper color than many people think. One setting where yellow wallpaper can look very stylish is if you have dark brown furniture. Pick a slightly stronger yellow for your walls in that case. Yellow paired with white or off-white as base colors always makes a room look larger. This is a handy design tip if you live in a small apartment or have a small hall, as long as you feel that yellow suits your personal style.

You can't go wrong with yellow and gray

Yellow and gray is well known as a beautiful combination that can be varied endlessly. Gray walls paired with a yellow accent wall. Yellow patterned wallpaper with a gray sofa and gray floor. A combination of grey curtains with yellow walls is a simple yet foolproof look. Balance it out with black lamps and black accent furniture, or yellow flowery wallpaper in gray tones, which you can find plenty of variations of in our range. Why not try Sophias Flowers-Yellow from WA-Collection? It's a powerful motif with yellow flowers on a gray background. An excellent choice for anyone who likes to leave a lasting impression.
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