Green wallpaper

Do you like your wallpaper in pastel green, dark green, green check, or green-and-white stripes? That’s just a fraction of what you can choose from. We have a wide range of green desiRead moregner wallpaper with motifs and patterns inspired by nature, art and urban life.

Nature’s harmonious base

For many of us, green is nature's primary color, and it’s said to have a soothing effect. Green creates harmony. From a historical perspective, human beings evolved for a life close to nature. It’s only recently that we began making our homes in apartments and houses in large cities. Numerous scientific studies show that our heart rate and blood pressure goes down when we spend time in nature. In Japan, there is something called shinrin-yoku’. Its direct translation is “forest bathing”, and means immersing yourself in nature. Perhaps it would not be a bad idea to have green patterned wallpaper in your home—if you feel drawn to nature, that is.

Green is the easiest color for our eyes to process

Have you ever thought about why the night vision goggles used by the military project green light? It’s no coincidence, because the wave length of the light that emits the green color is easiest for us to process and distinguish patterns. It’s not for us to say whether this is related to the fact that human beings have practiced distinguishing color shades in nature for hundreds of thousands of years, but it’s not far-fetched.

Chlorophyll colors nature

Perhaps you remember your school biology lessons about the photosynthesis of plants. It’s truly an amazing process where plants transform water, carbon dioxide and energy from the sun into oxygen and sugars. The plants literally clean our air—a good reason to show respect for nature and have plants in your home. The substance that gives plants their green color is called chlorophyll and plays an important role in photosynthesis.

Mint green wallpaper is elegant and stylish

Talking about green decor doesn’t only have to conjure up nature. Mint green is not a common color in nature, but it's still green. And it is absolutely gorgeous when paired with leather and oak furniture. We have a number of mint green wallpapers with stylish patterns in our collection that you simply can't miss!

The color of verdigris on wallpaper

Copper has been a strong interior design trend around the world for a while now. Many people don't know that copper turns green as it weathers. The Statue of Liberty in Manhattan is not painted—it’s verdigris that gives it its characteristic color. The copper roofs in Stockholm’s Old Town are another good example. It looks gorgeous when you play with different shades of green on your walls, with plants and naturally green materials such as verdigris.

Wallpaper in green watercolors

Wallpaper with watercolor motifs is a can’t-miss trend. Let your walls create the look of a watercolor painting. It’s a trend that’s here to stay. Muted green tones in an abstract watercolor pattern are stunningly beautiful. Check out our Watercolour Green from Lemon and you'll see exactly what we mean. There are just as many reasons to decorate with green wallpaper as there are interior designers. The most important thing, of course, is finding a green wallpaper that matches your style. We are confident that we have the right motif for you, whether you’re looking for large green leaves or a mint green pattern for your walls.
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