Pink wallpaper

Pink wallpaper is a vibrant, cheerful color. Many people see pink as the most feminine and romantic of colors … which might have been true once, but pink is also a color that energizeRead mores and refreshes. It’s an interesting to experiment with because the results are often surprisingly good. Pink is the color you get when you mix red and white. Not only does it lessen some of the red’s energy, but it transforms it into a soft, pleasant shade. The color symbolizes youthfulness, romance, happiness and hope.

Make the clever choice and style with pink wallpaper

Pink is perfect for many places in your home where you want a pleasant vibe. Some of the most popular places for pink wallpaper are the bedroom and the bathroom. Sometimes you find pink wallpaper on an accent wall in the living room. It's easy to work with because you can vary its strength to produce so many different shades. Wallpaper in slightly muted shades of pink can make a room feel much more spacious. It's a good choice to use a light shade of pink for a living room or even just an accent wall, because it’s a room where you spend a lot of time. It certainly helps that pink creates a pleasant and harmonious vibe. Purple is one of the colors that goes well with pink wallpaper, which is unsurprising given how close they are on the color scale. However, people are usually surprised how well different shades of gray and black match pink wallpaper.

Pink wallpaper is all the rage

Pink is really coming into its own as a color, perhaps because it can create small havens of stability and comfort in an otherwise turbulent world. Pink wallpaper with various motifs and textures now adorns the homes of many celebrities, and this trend will hold its ground and grow stronger. One factor in this is that pink is in the process of a more gender-neutral color around the world. Men have worn pink shirts for a while, but pink is now catching the interest of male design enthusiasts, too.

Pink wallpaper from Photowall is the right choice

We hope you have enjoyed reading about pink wallpaper and learned how it can create a pleasant atmosphere in a room. Using pink wallpaper for an accent wall does not steal too much focus and can really give the room a lift. At Photowall, we like pink wallpaper because the color works so well in every room
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