Purple wallpaper

Purple wallpaper exudes luxury and creativity. Many people would dismiss the idea of purple wallpaper without giving it much thought. Purple tends to be seen as a bold color choice inRead more interior design, when actually it’s a color with a long history. Purple is a combination of red and blue and is not common in nature. Perhaps that is why it has obtained its exclusive status. Purple is a color you either love or hate. Decorating with purple has many positive effects. One key fact is that purple is also one of the colors humans have the most difficulty distinguishing. This is especially true of the brighter tones of purple. In certain lights it can seem blue.

The effects of purple as a wallpaper

Purple is the perfect color for wallpaper if you want to give your room a touch of luxury. Purple can either be a dramatic color or a harmonious color depending entirely on the intensity and shade you choose. Combine it with the right decor and you will have a room that will ease any stresses in your life and where you can feel happy and creative. Purple wallpaper is ideal for a living room. A pale purple can give your living room a sophisticated feel. Using purple as an accent wallpaper in an otherwise white room can give the other walls a soft blue cast and the entire room a harmonious vibe. It's also a combination that is relatively easy to use because black and gray go well with purple.

Styling with purple wallpaper

You should plan how you are going to style the rest of the room if you really want to get the most out of your purple wallpaper. If you have chosen an intense purple, you’ll need decor that doesn’t clash with the purple wallpaper. For example, purple and orange are difficult to pair because they are both dominant colors. Decide whether you want your purple wallpaper to dominate the room or be a passive background for the rest of your decor.

Purple as accent wallpaper

If you would like to create extra space in your room, purple is a color you can use in a lighter shade as accent wallpaper. When you use purple as an accent wallpaper, think about how light will reflect off the wallpaper and back into the room. Black, light gray and white are colors that go well with purple.

Photowall has a wide range of purple wallpaper

If you’re thinking of wallpapering a room we would definitely suggest purple wallpaper, because it has that little extra air of luxury and harmony. A walk-in closet decorated with purple wallpaper and finished with black and gray details is a time-honored classic.
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